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Expanse - Essence project on the Death Knight II update.

Enjoy a comfortable game of Lineage 2 Essence!
Now you can explore Elmoreden in alone and not depend on other players, because each class can express itself to the fullest.
And thanks to the possibility of automatic hunting and experience bonuses, you can save energy on leveling your character and devote more time for your favorite activities.
Don't miss the opportunity to evaluate the updated Death Knight II class and start your heroic journey on the new Expanse server.

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Other changes


  • In Lineage 2 Essence, we love sieges. Forget about the dull and pointless sieges
    you've seen on the official servers
  • We have reworked this event, now Sieges are not only for large clans
    but also for medium ones who want to show their strength.
    New thoughtful mechanics and battlefields are waiting for you.
  • The winning clan will receive both the classic opportunity to impose a tax,
    and additional bonuses for characters in the form of unique passive skills

Clan Hall

  • The clan hall is a special home for the clan in the game, which allows clan members to use some useful features.
  • Permanent cloisters come in two types: rank A and rank S.
  • A clan can only own one hall at a time. The property is subject to rent.
  • Permanent clan halls are located in Giran and Aden.
  • Purchased at the auction, where only a clan of level 2 or higher can bid to participate in the auction.
  • The following permanent clan halls are available:
Location of the cloisters Home view
Names of monasteries
Minimum bid
Deposit Rent
Giran A golden hall
silver hall
mithril hall
bronze hall
silver living room
50,000,000 1,000,000 10,000,000
Aden S Gold Hall
Silver Hall
Mithril Hall
Golden Living Room
Silver Living Room
Bronze Hall
100,000,000 10,000,000 10,000,000

Acquisition of permanent abodes

  • A clan can only bid on one cloister.
  • In each settlement, you can find an NPC Auction Manager,
    from whom you can get information about the cloisters and take part in the auction.

Functions of permanent residences

  • You can enter the clan hall through the Clan Hall Gatekeeper NPC, who is located near the entrance to the clan hall, or by using the items Scroll of Escape: Clan Hall and Blessed Scroll of Escape: Clan Hall.
  • You can control the functions of the hall through the NPC Clan Hall Manager.
  • Most of the hallway features require adena to activate.


  • In Lineage 2 Essence, leveling a clan has become impractical, as there are 6 levels to access items that are used for collections.
  • Clan development on Expanse has taken on a new meaning and will now aim to reach clan level 10.
  • Players will have new opportunities in PvE, as well as nice bonuses.


  • The Olympiad in Lineage 2 Essence has experienced some changes. The absence of the 1x1 Olympiad caused dissatisfaction among the players. Expanse has corrected this misunderstanding and now two formats of the Olympiad are available.
  • 1v1 Olympiad is now available for players who want to become heroes and fight against challengers for the title of hero. This is a great way to show strength and skill in one-on-one battles.
  • For those who prefer group fights and random encounters with the enemy in a team, the 3v3 Olympiad remains available. This Olympiad does not provide an opportunity to achieve the title of a hero, but may offer valuable rewards for participation.
  • Thus, with the help of two formats of the Olympiad in Lineage 2 Essence, each player will be able to choose the appropriate format and enjoy the game to the fullest.

Raid bosses

  • The Expanse team is committed to preserving the original experience of playing Lineage 2 Essence so that players don't feel like they're playing a new game. This way, you will still encounter old bosses with the same mechanics and respawns, but with small changes that add a bit of nostalgia.
  • Some of the mechanics of the old bosses and their rewards have been changed so that they are not so easy to kill.

Boss type

Respawn Time

Ant Queen

8 hours +/- 1 hour


8 hours +/- 2 hours


8 hours +/- 4 hours

Baium (After killing all the bosses in the Tower of Insolence)

12 hours


8 hours +/- 6 hours


Saturday - 23:00

Kelbim / Andreas Van Holter

Friday - 22:00


Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 22:00 to 22:30


Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday - 22:00


Tuesday / Friday - 19:00


Wednesday / Saturday - 19:00


Every day at 22:00

Vampire Queen Satina

Sunday - 10:00

Mutant Daiman

Sunday - 12:00


Sunday - 18:00


Sunday - 20:00


Sunday - 21:00

Soul Essence

  • Soul Essence is a new item that contains the power of epic bosses, enhancing its owner.
  • Essence is obtained by dropping from bosses, as well as from events and promotions.
  • Details will be available soon.

L coin drop

  • Lineage2 Essence has an interesting mechanic called dropping L coins. Some players think
    that in order to get these coins, you only need to play high damage classes. However, this is not entirely true.
    To get L coins, it is enough to be in battle, no matter what class you play.
  • In addition, as your character levels up, you will get more L coins. This is a great way for
    players to earn extra rewards and improve their character.
  • So, don't limit yourself in your choice of class, and play Lineage2 Essence on your favorite character to
    enjoy the game and earn L coins at the same time.


  • If you are tired of everyday tasks and want to get a real challenge, then Lineage2 Essence
    can offer you cool events with valuable prizes.
  • No more wasting your time silently completing daily tasks and collecting useless items.
  • Really useful rewards are available to you, which can be not only in the drop list on the site, but also in your personal inventory.
  • Play with pleasure, get a new experience and enjoy all the benefits that Lineage2 Essence has to offer.


  • Lineage2 Essence players don't like to waste time filling out a collection.
  • We understand that this is a tedious process and therefore decided to change it for our players.
  • Details will be revealed later, but you will be satisfied.